The crazy world of cows

The Wondering Cow
This cow does not know how and what had happened to the green grass because now the grass is grey!
Climbing Cow
This cow is trying to eat leaves because there is no more grass. What a poor cow!!!
The Moon Cow
This cow has landed on the moon but not with a rocketship. No one knows how the cow had landed on the moon but it is definitely a myth.
Space Cow
This cow has landed on a star but how can it breathe with no space helmet on?
Poo Cow
This cow has diarrhea so it can not stop pooing and peeing!
Spider Tree Cow
This cow was born inside a tree and a spider bit it so it now has 8 legs.
Ninja Cow
This cow is a Ninja cow and it is fighting an army sheep. Who do think will win?
Swimming Cow
The cow doesn't have any grass so instead he is going in the sea to get some sea weed.
Sun Cow
The cow is sun tanning in the hottest sun ever and it's burning on him.
Karate Cow
The cow is beating up a pig who used to be the strongest karate animal in the world!
Marrying Cows
The cows are marrying each other and they are prince and princess and this one is for real and the others weren't real because they were just kids.

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